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October/spec 2016 //

Southern Teller County Health Services District

Regular Monthly Board Meeting

October 18, 2016

Call to Order:                       

  • Jim Vance called the meeting to order at 6:25 PM.


Roll Call:                

  • Board members present: Jim Vance, Brenda Vance, Trudy Vader (remote), Anita Braun.

  • Absent:  Bill McPherson (excused absentee), Dave Schoenberger (excused absentee), Suzanna McDaniels (excused absentee).

  • Also in attendance were: Lawrence Cowan, Candy Shoemaker, Lori Stewart, Brent Williamson, Jamie Newell, Jo Ann Kincaid.



  • Approved as corrected.


Open Public Comments:            

  • No Comments.


Mail and announcements:

  • Kratos will be adding a camera to the chart room.

  • Jim Vance recommended that $50,000 be moved from the regular mill levy account (a non-interest bearing account) to the emergency fund money market account.  Jim Vance made the motion to allocate $50,000 from the mill levy account to the emergency fund. It was seconded by Brenda Vance. Approved and passed unanimously.



  • Bank Balance: $485,690.60

  • Mill Levy: $57,415.73

  • EMS Mill Levy: $31,966.21

  • Board of Directors Account: $4,074.48

  • Money Market Interest: $21.23

  • Jim Vance motioned that the financials be approved as presented. Seconded by Anita Braun. Approved and passed unanimously.


New Check Signers:    

  • Community Banks of Colorado will need all of the current signers and the new signers to come into the bank to be added/included as signers on the Cripple Creek Care Center bank account.

  • Vectra bank only needs the new signatories to come in to sign. New signers are: Lawrence Cowan and Anita Braun.

  • Lori Stewart will be removed as a signer from these accounts. Motion to approve new signers by Jim Vance, seconded by Brenda Vance. Approved and passed unanimously.



  • Cripple Creek Care Center has secured the back cover of the Echo pages phone book. The ad price for the back cover is normally over $8,000, but we’re only paying $2,900.



  • Call volume is down slightly, by 30, compared to last year. Total calls this year: 1,009 compared to 1,040 this time last year.

  • Charges versus income: Billed out $1,075,000 collected $303,000. Equals a collection rate of 28% of billed charges.

  • Due to data requirements of the Affordable Care Act, EMS needs to find another software provider. The current vendor is leaving the market; several options, but some require that EMS will still have to do their own billing. (Looking at Image Trend and ESO.)

  • Candy presented the Re-Stated El Paso-Teller Intergovernmental Agreement (E-911) and requested permission to sign once it is completed.  Jim Vance made a motion for permission from the Board to sign on behalf of the Board of Directors for Southern Teller County Health Services District (STCHSD) to approve the emergency telephone service authority, when the final agreement comes out.  Motion to approve by Jim Vance, seconded by Brenda Vance. Approved and passed unanimously.



  • Medical and Financial Records from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009 will be destroyed November 8, 2016.  Notification placed in the Pikes Peak Courier.

  • Operating balance as of October 15, 2016 is $647,726.

  • Census today is: 43.1

  • New Administrator Lawrence Cowan started today. Lori Stewart’s last day will be Thursday.

  • Notice of 2017 Proposed Budget will be published in the Pikes Peak Courier and available for public review at the Cripple Creek Care Center.



  • Adjourned meeting at 8:11 PM.


Next regular meeting is November 15, 2016 at 6:00 PM.


                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                                                Anita Braun, Secretary




Jim Vance, Chairman    __________As Read                  ___________As corrected

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