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December 2016 //

Southern Teller County Health Services District

Board Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2016  

              Call to Order:                       

  • Jim Vance called the meeting to order at 6:23 PM.


Roll Call:                

  • Board members present: Jim Vance, Brenda Vance, Dave Schoenberger, Bill McPherson.

  • Absent:  Anita Braun (excused absence), Suzanna McDaniels (excused absence), Trudy Vader (excused absence).

  • Also in attendance were: Candy Shoemaker, Jamie Newell, and Lawrence Cowan.



  • Approved as corrected. Motion to approve as corrected: Bill McPherson, Seconded by Brenda Vance. Approved and passed unanimously.


Open Public Comments:            

  • No Comments.


Mail and announcements:

  • Will go into executive session momentarily.

  • New minimum wage may affect some areas.

  • Need to go over employee survey comments in a future meeting.



  • Bank Balance: $434,043.58

  • Total Monthly Mill Levy Check: $14,009.50

  • EMS Mill Levy Portion: $7,799.79

  • Board of Directors Account: $6,874.48

  • Money Market Account Balance: $300,690.18

  • Money Market Interest: $23.82

    Bill McPherson made the motion to approve financials as presented. Seconded by Brenda Vance. Approved and passed unanimously.



  • Continuing with end of year advertising renewals, i.e., Butte Theater, Cripple Creek Park and Rec, phone book, billboard, etc.


        Executive Session per §24-6-402(4)(f), C.R.S.)

Back in regular session: Jim Vance moved to approve item #1 as discussed. Seconded by: Bill McPherson. Approved and passed unanimously. Jim Vance moved to approve Item #2 as discussed. Seconded by Bill McPherson. Approved and passed unanimously.



  • Still running at 27% of collections from billed charges.

  • Call volume is at 1,216 at the end of November. Down from last year.

  • Moving forward with contracting with ESO and AMB.

  • Reviewing chassis options for the new ambulance; leaning toward a Ford V-10 gas engine.

  • Revisited Ebola suits. EMS had ordered them years ago, they were back-ordered and finally available, however they expire in about six months due to deterioration of the rubber components over time. EMS does have two available.




  • Census: 40.33

  • Total monthly income: $253,242.00

  • Edge PT/OT- paid them $11,198.00 in admin fees for last month. Actual patient service amount $1,796.39. Contract under review. Consider hiring a fulltime employee instead of the outside contract.

  • Some salaries show above budget due to 3% cost of living, effective for the 2017 Budget.

  • Total expenses: $269,900 for the month of November.



  • Meeting adjourned at 7:49 PM. Motion to adjourn made by Bill McPherson. Seconded by Jim Vance.  Approved and passed unanimously.


Next regular meeting is January 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM.


                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                                                Anita Braun, Secretary




Jim Vance, Chairman    __________As Read                  ___________As corrected

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